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Shift Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Shift Manager, or Shift Lead, is responsible for overseeing business operations, delegating tasks to team members and resolving problems that occur on their shift. Their duties include stocking inventory, balancing the cash register and coordinating employee responsibilities to improve efficiency or customer service.

Shift Manager duties and responsibilities

Shift Managers might perform the same tasks as employees while having the authority to manage co-workers in the absence of an assistant or general manager. Shift Managers are responsible for resolving an issue and ensuring work is completed on schedule within a shift. Shift Managers responsibilities may include:

  • Assigning team members with tasks to be completed each shift
  • Setting performance metrics for team members and work with team members to ensure all metrics are met
  • Properly resolving problems and troubleshooting issues as they arise without the direction of management
  • Managing multiple projects as well as staff members
  • Reporting to the assistant or general manager and meeting with management to review goals and metrics
  • Maintaining a work environment that meets company, state and federal safety and employment guidelines

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