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Wrapp-It® Styling Strips 

offer exceptional strength, both wet and dry, to ensure a secure wrap that's great for keeping hair in place while the style sets.  The soft, high stretch material is comfortable against the client's skin.  Wrapp-It® Styling Strips are manufactured using a re-crepe process, making them our strongest styling strips! Available in white or black.

  • High-stretch tissue.
  • Sculpt and mold hair styles with confidence.
  • Exceptional strength, both wet and dry.
  • Comfortable and soft against client's skin.
  • Stretches approximately 45" long.


Wrapp-It Styling Strips can be used during the slow drying process for wrap hairstyles. These styling strips are strong enough to be used as a base for glue-in extensions. Simply wrap the hair, apply a preferred gel to the styling strips. Once the gel has dried and hardened, glue-in extensions can be applied for a secure and quality hair weave.

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